A new car surrounds you with the most fuel-efficient engines, the latest high-tech amenities, and the most advanced safety features. How do you know when it's time to indulge in this exciting buy? Here are some hints.

Public transportation takes too long.

We all know how difficult taking public transportation can be in Victorville and Southern California. If you've been able to rely on it, we congratulate you at Victorville Motors. But because it takes too long, this way of getting around has made you late for work too often or brings you to parties just when everyone else is leaving.

Nothing will get you from point A to point B faster than a new car, You can get your job done more efficiently or enjoy yourself with everyone at the party.

Your car needs too much work.

You're spending too much money replacing parts that break constantly in your old vehicle. Or you need a major repair that will cost $1,500 when your car is only worth $1,000. Rather than continuing to throw money at something that will only get worse, why not invest it in a new car?

Your family has grown.

Your favorite two-seat speedster was fine when you were single and spending most of your nights in the bars and clubs. But now that you're married and have a baby on the way, you need something that will work for all the members of your family. You want something more practical, such as a sedan or SUV, especially one that secures a baby seat through LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children). You'll find that feature in a new vehicle.

You want to feel safer.

Traffic in Southern California moves at a fast clip, particularly on the freeways, and you just want some extra protection. Every time you go out in your low-tech car, you have to double and triple check every maneuver you make just to make sure you don't run into anyone.

Most new cars will be loaded with technology to keep you safe. Backup cameras are now standard even in basic trim levels and collision warnings from the front, side, and back can prevent accidents. If you have a problem on the road, many manufacturers offer free roadside assistance when you buy a vehicle.

You're embarrassed to be seen in your vehicle.

You don't want to be judged by the vehicle you drive but in SoCal, the car you drive defines who you are. It's not just that the jalopy you own is ancient but it's so beat up and worn down that even dirt doesn't want to be seen on it. Even you don't want to be seen in it, so you park in out-of-the-way places or hidden corners of the parking lot so nobody knows that you own it.

A new car of any make or model will make you proud of driving again. You may still park in an out-of-the-way place but that's because you're eager to preserve the untarnished look of your latest purchase.

Your friends are embarrassed to be seen in your vehicle.

The deal when you and your gang go out to the game, movies, or clubs together, is that each of you will take turns behind the wheel so the others don't worry about driving. And yet, every time that your turn comes around, somebody else volunteers to drive. They may just not like being seen in your car or, worse yet, they don't feel safe. Get a new vehicle and see how quickly your buds let you take over the wheel.

You love new tech.

What kinds of new car tech do you want to have under your control. Would you like a 360-degree virtual top-down view of your surroundings? How about a vehicle that automatically changes speed to keep you at a safe distance from the car in front of you as you cruise on the freeway? Or maybe you just want to use your voice to make restaurant reservations through your infotainment system? You'll find all these high-tech amenities and more in a new vehicle.

Ready for a new car?

If any or all of these reasons make you want to buy a new car, then contact us at Victorville Motors. Our friendly sales consultants will invite you on a test drive and help you choose the right vehicle from our extensive inventory.